blog1I’m so sorry for not posting these couple of weeks, but I’m back ! This weekend was my brother’s birthday and we decide to try a new place call THEBlvd located in Beverly Hills and it was so good, totally recomended. I decide to wear this overall with a nice lace top and my favorite shoes from all times which I can call old by now on this special occasion, yes I can’t stop wearing them. Lets say that they have history. Going back to the overall, is really easy to wear and easy to mix and match as you wish when it comes to shoes and tops !
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I was wearing:

  • Overall- Forever 21
  • Lace top- Forever 21
  • Heels- ZARA
  • Rings- H&M
  • Clutch- little Tokyo

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Hello to the best HAIR for Spring !

Spring is around the corner! and we need less bad-hair days am I right ?

I’m enjoying so much this hair styles for Spring they are simple, with a twist of messy but beautiful and don’t take too much time which I love . I know everybody is ready to rock this looks!  I used to have really long hair almost all my life and think that I could never say goodbye and cut it off. I didn’t want to let go my long hair. Eventually, it happened and I have no regrets at all (ok maybe a bit for a couple of days).  So don’t be scared to try new hair styles !





54bc27e60a3ed_-_runway-hair-trends-loose-long-waves-chanel-clp-rs15-0402-lgBOHO WAVES




Last but not least, LOW TAILS

Yours truly, Diana

pictures from harpersbazaar.com